Audi 4.0T Upgraded Wastegate Actuators

Take your Audi 4.0T To the next level with our 60MM Upgraded Wastegate Actuators! The LARGEST on the market. Gone are the days of maxed out WGDC and heres to the days of FULL boost control!

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TGK Motorsport, established in 2021, is a company built by an enthusiast
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TGK Motorsport Audi 4.0T Air Intake System - C7 S6/RS6/S7/RS7 TGK Motorsport C7 Dumpbox Audi 4.0T Silicone Turbo / Throttle Body Hose Set TGK Motorsport Audi C7/7.5 Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit TGK Motorsport Audi 4.0T Billet Oil Filter Housing Kit

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