Audi C7 Dumpbox Install Instructions

Thanks for supporting the company.  These instructions were derived off a C7.5 S6 but should be the same for a C7 S6.  As for S6/RS7 they are relatively the same. Some things might be different, so if you’re having an issue please contact me to help with install.  DO NOT CUT YOUR AIRLINES UNTIL YOU VERIFY EVERYTHING IS CORRECT.
  1. Go into Trunk compartment
  2. Remove spare tire to gain access to your entire trunk
  3. Locate your rear fuse panel (passenger side behind cargo net) Unsnap the net and turn the bottom connectors and pull up and out and remove the panel to show access to the fuse panel
  4. Locate an Ignition type of fuse (I did Engine Sound fuse “D6”)
    Refer to the owners manual on what type of power you would like, The fuse wire must face TOWARDS the center of the car to get power.
    Constant Power: Air Suspension Slot (B6) (Center Panel #6 from the back)
  5. Remove Trim of whatever you need to snake the wire underneath the carpet (for me it was the luggage tie down and trunk seal)
  6. Feeding the line from the spare fuse compartment towards the spare tire compartment was the easiest option (S7/RS7 have the sub in this compartment, fish the line UNDERNEATH it)
  7. Mount the ground to the grounding stud that’s typically on the floor in front of the battery (10mm)
  8. Connect the add-fuse to the fuse slot. Make sure the wiring faces TOWARDS the center of the car so the fuse gets power
  9. Plug the harness into the box. Turn the car on. With the remote click and hold the button and release to verify you have power (should make a clicking noise)
  10. After verifying the box works, sync up HomeLink via instructions provided and verify the box works while holding programmed garage door button (box will click when pressed and click again when depressed)
  11. Locate Air Manifold (typically part of the toolkit foam that is directly under the spare tire)
  12. Locate the airlines for the 4 corners, My S6 was Red, Green, Blue, Black. On the side of the manifold it will have them labeled.  VERIFY the airline supplied with my kit is the same exact size as the airlines on the car. Audi had some cars with 6MM and you cannot source them out to find which cars had them. If there is a size issue, please contact me IMMEDIATELY so I can get you the proper size before you cut your airlines.
  13. Cut the 4 airlines SQUARE, you have to cut them as close to perpendicular as possible otherwise you won’t get an airtight seal, your car will air out when you do this so watch your feet.
  14. Push the supplied Push fittings onto the airlines as far as they can go.
  15. Cut the supplied airline into lengths needed to reach each of the four push fittings on the side of the box. (S6 cars have room on the floor to put the box. S7/RS7 have room to put the box under the subwoofer enclosure).
  16. Start your car up and allow it to air up, typically takes 30 seconds to reach full height.
  17. Double check the box works by holding the button, as long as the buttons pressed the box will be open to vent the air and your car should air out. Once you verify its all complete, you are done with the install.