D4 Dumpbox Install

  1. Open Trunk
  2. Remove the rear wall to expose the fuse box in the rear. (just pull straight back on the wall).
  3. Remove floor cover (2 caps underneath the fuse location)
  4. Remove trunk floor liner
  5. Remove the cover over the Red wire running down to the battery. 
  6. Hook the positive fuse holder to the fuse box.  We recommend using a constant fuse, as you”ll want to use the dumpbox while the cars off so it airs out without the oem system kicking on. The fuse you pull out will go in the bottom slot of the add a fuse and you hook the add a fuse in so the harness faces the center of the car! The negative can just be hooked up to the negative terminal on the battery, otherwise there is a grounding stud on the right side of the fuse box.  Run the wires along the red wire going down towards the battery. 
  7. Hook the Harness into the dumpbox and use the remote to verify you hear clicking on the dumpbox.
  8. The dumpbox will fit next to the battery on the passenger side.
  9. Unwrap the harness that's directly infront of the battery to expose the airlines. 
  10.  Using the supplied cutters cut the airlines (BLACK, RED, BLUE, GREEN) (DO NOT CUT ANY LABELED LINES, they will have writing like FLEX-RAY.  Those are NOT airlines.)  should be bunched up. Your car will air out when you do this so make sure nothing is underneath the car when you cut the lines.
  11. Use the supplied T Connectors and connect the same airlines into each other, then use the supplied airlines and cut them to length to go to the dumpbox, Orientation doesn't matter.
  12. Start your car and allow it to airup.  Once fully aired up spray some soapy water on your air connections to make sure there is no leaks.  To airout hold the #1 button on the remote. 
  13. Reinstall all your trim in reverse order!
  14. Congratulations, your dumpbox is installed!