SQ5 Dumpbox Install

  1. Remove panels from rear trunk compartment. (drivers compartment and passenger compartment, and the center trim piece where the trunk latch is located) (Turn on Tire change mode in the settings on your MMI).
  3.   Box will fit in the passenger compartment, and  double sided tape it to the frame rail. 

  4. Install the harness, connect the negative terminal to the grounding stud on the wheel well, and run the positive wire to the fuse box on the drivers side.
  6. Use the add a fuse to plug into the fuse slot.  Locate an ignition only fuse to have the box only work with ignition only or a constant to have the box constantly on so you can air out with the car off.  Make sure the add a fuse faces towards the outside of the car not the inside so it gets power!
  7. Plug the harness into the dumpbox and click the button on the remote to hear a click noise on the dumpbox, once verified the electrical side of the install is done. 
  8. Jack up the rear of the car (both sides). You will have to cut the airlines and the car will air out when you're underneath it!. 
  9. Using a drill bit or a knife cut a hole in the black circle plug on the wheel well in front of the dumpbox, you will fish your 4 airlines through that hole.  
  10. Remove the cover panel ontop of the manifold.  It's located underneath the car behind the rear differential. 
  11. Without cutting the airline feed it thru the hole and route it down towards the manifold (leave some slack).  Once you know how much you need to cut the line and replicate that 3 more times (20ft is included so you could just cut 4 5ft sections).

  12. You will now have to cut the 4 corner airlines down by the manifold.  MAKE SURE YOU CUT THEM WHERE THERE IS NO BEND IN THE LINES, or the T fitting will leak!.  You will cut the smaller lines! Not the two big lines! Black, Blue, Red, Green.  Use the supplied airline cutters to make sure you cut the airline's SQUARE.  When you cut the lines the car will air out so make sure the car is supported in the rear for safety!
  13. Connect the supplied T connectors on each of the cut lines and connect each of the lines running to the dumpbox thru the hole you drilled on that cover. (we used some silicone to seal the hole so nothing comes thru it) Reinstall the heat shield. 
  14. Lower car onto the ground
  15. Turn on the car and turn off tire change mode, your car will start the compressor and start to fill up the suspension. 
  16. After you verified it worked, use the remote and hold the button to lower your car to make sure it works as it should!.
  17. Congrats your install is done! Leave the car aired up overnight to make sure there is no leaks on the fittings!