Tank Upgrade Install Instructions

Tools Required
Cutters for airline
  1. Remove Spare from car
  2. Remove foam cover on top of battery 
  3. Remove two bolts holding the tank to the car (10mm)
  4. Remove airline from tank 12mm (Bleed airline slowly its under 250psi
  5. Remove factory tank once airlines removed
  6. Remove jack mount (10mm) 
  7. Remove two battery strap bolts (13mm)
  8. Place supplied spacers over the battery strap holes
  9. Place tank mount on top of the spacers
  10. If you have factory subwoofer in the trunk make sure you clear the subwoofer before you tighten everything down. You might have to loosen the tank straps and move the tank to the drivers side of the car to get clearance then tighten the straps back down.
  11. Use supplied bolts and washers to mount the tank down on top of the spacers (13mm)
  12. Remove the purple line from the manifold (MINIMUM FORCE!!! Use a wrench to pop it loose then remove it by hand without any wrench (12mm)).
  13. On the tank end you removed is a fitting thats bolted into an adapter that goes into the tank, take the adapter off and flip the line 180 degrees end on end.  Then install the end that was in the tank into the manifold.  MAKE SURE ITS THE FITTING END ( you'll know because a little bit of line with be sticking outta the fitting end with a crimp).  Hand tighten then use a 12mm wrench and just snug it DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
  14. Mount manifold in your place of choosing, on this car we double sided taped the manifold to the tub wall.  
  15. Cut the purple line square in a straight flat area of the line, use the supplied union fitting to run the supplied line to the tank if needed longer lines.  The location we used we were able to just use the factory line in place of the supplied line and didn't need the fitting. On cars with subwoofers you wont be able to do that so find a good place to just mount the manifold (make sure all connections are not crimped/kinked)
  16. Insert the line into the tank and make sure its pressed in all the way and snug.
  17. Your tanks now installed start your car and drive it around before you air out or make it lift the car.  The factory compressor will fill the tank to 250psi and will take you driving a bunch to do so! If you pop a air suspension fault restart the car, might take a couple cycles of the compressor to fill the tank back to full capacity.  Then your all good to go!
  18. Send us installed pictures!