TGK Motorsport Height Sensor Stainless Steel Studs

Sale price$49.99 USD


Introducing the TGK Motorsport Stainless Steel Height Sensor Studs – the perfect solution for those accidental ball snaps on your plastic height sensors. Say goodbye to fragile plastic lowering link ends and experience the durability of our stainless steel studs.

Our bolt-on replacement design ensures a seamless installation process, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution. By switching to our stainless steel studs, you'll eliminate the hassle of plastic end binding and breakage.

But that's not all – our innovative design also allows for easy transfer to a new height sensor when the time comes. With the TGK Motorsport Stainless Steel Height Sensor Studs, you'll enjoy peace of mind and enhanced performance for years to come. Upgrade your setup today and never worry about plastic-related issues again!


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