Audi D4 Air Tank Upgrade
Audi D4 Air Tank Upgrade
Audi D4 Air Tank Upgrade

Audi D4 Air Tank Upgrade


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This product is a drop-in replacement for the small factory air tank, designed to enhance the efficiency of airing out the car's suspension using Dumpbox, VCDS, and other modules. The original factory tank is insufficient for supporting suspension raising, often necessitating the compressor's activation. This upgraded tank reduces the strain on the factory compressor by providing ample stored air capacity to lift the car independently, without the need for compressor assistance. Additionally, the increased capacity allows the car to air up in about half the usual time.

Installation is straightforward: simply remove the existing factory tank, remove the factory airline for the tank, and connect it to the new tank, with the new supplied line. The tank includes a machined mount for easy attachment to the battery tie-down.

The tank is a seamless aluminum 3-gallon unit with five 1/4" ports, offering flexibility for future enhancements such as adding an aftermarket external compressor or airlines.

Please note, with this setup, it is not possible to accommodate a spare tire.

Everything included:

  • 3 Gallon Seamless air tank
  • Tank Mounting Bracket 
  • 5 1/4" Plugs to cap off any unused holes
  • 5 FT of 6mm Airline
  • 1 6mm Union connector
  • 1 6mm Push to connect fitting