TGK Motorsport Audi 4.0T Air Intake System

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Introducing the TGK Motorsport Audi 4.0T Air Intake System, the ultimate upgrade for your 4.0T engine. Engineered with precision and crafted to perfection, this air intake system is designed to take your Audi's performance to the next level.

At TGK Motorsport, we believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation, and the Audi 4.0T Air Intake System is no exception. It all starts with our meticulous flow tested design, developed from a 3D scan and transformed into a flawless 3D model. Countless design hours were dedicated to creating an intake system that delivers unrivaled performance.

The highlight of this system is the 4" Merged Inlet on the inlet side, allowing for easy installation by mounting to both turbos. No more hassle or complicated modifications—simply bolt on and experience the difference.

The TGK Motorsport Audi 4.0T Air Intake System is a complete package, including everything you need for a seamless installation. From the meticulously designed components to the comprehensive installation instructions, we've left no stone unturned in providing you with the best experience possible.

Flow Tested for Min Restriction & Max Velocity


We started by identifying the shortcomings of the factory intake system to determine which components restricted airflow to the turbos. We then focused on designing the inlet to function without restrictions by utilizing flow data.  We tailored the inlet design to accommodate the CFM required by the 4.0TT engine during Wide Open Throttle, and ultimately created in an intake that sounds and performs better than stock.

 Product Features

  • Single inlet design to utilize a single 4" ID Air filter
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Improved Engine and Turbo Sounds
  • Fit & Finish To Have A Nice OEM+ Look

Customer Reviews

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Travis Carpenter
she sucks....air

This intake is by far my favorite piece from TGK. Its akin to my old Honda Days where I wanted the Carbon Fiber PWJDM Whale P intake, but could never have it. The VERY noticeable change in the intake noise/sheer suction heard in the cabin and externally. 11/10 will always be my intake for the 4.0TT platform. Another solid product from the TGK group

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